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Latest Album

"Shlomit and RebbeSoul are the perfect combination for the

fusion of ancient spiritual melodies and modern engaging tunes.

Shlomit and RebbeSoul made ancient music rock". - Ben Bresky,

Israel National Radio. Listen or buy here


Latest Single 

"Let My People Go" (Official Music Video)

In honour of the 2014 Passover.

Vocals: Neeyah Lynn Rose

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Latest Gigs: 

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RebbeSoul performs in Israel, USA and Europe.

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"Let My People Go" (Official Music Video)

New Video 4/14, REBBESOUL'S "Let My People Go" in honour of

2014 Passover.

Vocals: Neeyah Lynn Rose

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Video directed by: Stephen Estey & Atif Ekulona


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